About Us

Professional proofreaders and editors based in the UK and working worldwide

Meet the professionals who provide our services

We became professional proofreaders and editors after working for many years completing demanding writing, proofreading and editing assignments where excellence was critical. We are experts in the technicalities of written English. We do not employ freelancers and we carry out all work in-house.

David – Founder and Editor

David studied Biology at Oxford University. His career took him into the consulting and technology sectors, with clients in the financial services, fast moving consumer goods, energy, and transport industries. David also worked in UK central government. He has lived in the United States and worked extensively in Europe.

David proofreads and edits academic work, as well as annual reports, and business and technology strategies. He also writes bids and tenders for business clients.

Katherine – Founder and Editor

Katherine developed her passion for English working for many years as an Executive PA in the premium automotive industry, proofreading and editing sales and marketing publications, and advertising and training material. 

Katherine has also worked in the independent education, finance, and construction sectors. She is a perfectionist, with an eagle eye for detail and a deep knowledge of grammar and the English language. Katherine trained as a proofreader and editor with Chapterhouse Publishing.

Chris – Proofreader and Editor

Chris is a Science graduate with a background in the UK public and commercial defence sectors, where the precision and accuracy of writing are critically important. He has worked extensively in Europe and the Middle East, including international education establishments. Chris adopts a meticulous approach to editing and proofreading.

Chris has a proven track record of helping native and non-native English speakers to improve the quality of their written output on a wide range of geo-political, scientific and technical subjects.

Laura – Proofreader and Editor

Laura has a degree in Physiology, and worked in a medical research laboratory before training as a teacher. She has 25 years’ experience as a science and general classroom teacher of students up to university level. With a Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) qualification with distinction, Laura has taught English to non-native speakers in the UK and the Middle East.

Laura is fanatical about spelling, punctuation and grammar, and has proofread many academic essays and postgraduate papers. She enjoys creative writing and has had several articles published.

Peter – Proofreader and Editor

Following his bachelor’s degree in Human Geography, Peter began a career in the defence sector and local government, during which he lived in Belgium, the Netherlands, and the USA. He wrote the winning dissertation at the multinational Royal College of Defence Studies, from where he gained a master’s degree in International Relations.

Peter enjoys producing well-constructed and persuasive written arguments, and has extensive experience of helping others do the same.