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You need your work to be judged on its academic merit and not be let down by writing errors. Talk to us about our academic proofreading and editing services.

Fluent and error-free writing

You have read your work so many times you can no longer see the mistakes. With academic proofreading services, we provide the fresh pair of eyes to eliminate errors. With academic editing services, we help you maximise the impact of your writing.

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Thorough, flexible and secure

  • All types of work – our services suit all academic material – thesis, dissertation, article, paper, report
  • Detailed review – your proofreader or editor will review your writing, make corrections and suggest improvements
  • Formatting – we make sure your document is set up and formatted correctly and professionally
  • Unlimited revisions – our process is not just a single pass – we work with you until your document is exactly how you want it to be
  • Secure and confidential – we will never pass your material to another party
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee – we will refund you if you are not completely satisfied with our work

Select your service

We offer two services – proofreading and editing. Proofreading is best if your work is ready for submission and you need to be confident it is free of spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. Editing is best if you want to polish your work and improve structure, wording and style so that your writing is correct, fluent and clear.

Academic proofreading

A thorough review to ensure your article, paper or other academic document is free of language errors.

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Dissertation proofreading

Your dissertation is ready for submission and you need to be confident it is free of writing errors.

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Thesis proofreading

A final check to ensure your thesis is free of errors in punctuation, grammar and spelling.

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Academic editing

Editing for your paper, article or other academic document to maximise impact.

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Dissertation editing

Expert polish to ensure your dissertation is fluent and clear and makes the best impression.

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Thesis editing

Eliminating writing errors and editing your thesis so it is fluent, accurate and clear.

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Job application editing

Free job application review for our existing customers.

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