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You have read your work so many times that you can no longer see the mistakes. We provide academic proofreading and editing services to suit different needs and help you make the most of your work.

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All our editors are fully committed at present and we are not able to accept any new work. 

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We use security-hardened Microsoft services to protect your information.

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All academic proofreading and editing is carried out by our own team.

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We provide feedback, advice and guidance to help you improve your writing.

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We continue to work with you until your document is ready for submission.

Work that gets great reviews

You can see from our reviews that people love our services. Ours is not just a one-time process. We check any changes you make as you finalise your work, until your writing is exactly as you want it to be.

Wonderful service! You can save your time if you choose them!

Hua Master's Student, China

Very reasonable price with very professional proofreading!! David did a very good job on my thesis! Definitely will work with him again!!

Lulu Master's Student, China

David is the nicest person I’ve met! The proofreading service is really efficient which saved me from the struggles. The service is really professional and flexible. I would definitely recommend this to all students!

Vanessa Master's Student, China

This is the best proofreading company I have used. The review is in-depth and very helpful suggestions are provided.

Zayyad Postdoctoral Researcher, UK/Nigeria

As an international students doing a Master course in the UK, which requires advanced academic writing skills, this service helped me a lot to finish papers throughout the course. The reply was really quick and the staff replying to me were friendly. I’ll definitely use this service again!

Maho Master's Student, UK/Japan

David really improved the text and flow of my research article. Excellent service which is available at any time! I definitely recommend this proofreading company.

Alex Postdoctoral Researcher, Russia

David is kind. He always replied promptly to me emailed queries and answered my questions carefully. And he is professional, he gave lots of comments to my work.

Xiaoyi Master's Student, China

The work they have done is perfect and fast. The team will contact you many times in the process and carefully comply with the requirements. Helps me a lot in grammar and the language 🙂

Xi Master's Student, China

The quality of proofreading is really good and efficient. David is very patient and attentive to work, I would definitely recommend this proofreading company to everyone 🙂

Faye Master's Student, China

They proofread my undergraduate dissertation. The turnaround was incredibly fast, allowing me to meet my tight deadlines, and the work was thorough. I ended up getting a First in my dissertation and credit those extra marks that got me over the boundary to them!

Lucy Undergraduate Student, UK

Will highly recommend it to others! David and his team were so professional and patient with my questions, and I got the satisfying mark for my assignment!

Elvira Master's Student, China

Excellent work from an excellent company. Very fast at reviewing my assignments and my dissertation. Cheap compared to other sites and fast response.

Olivia Master's Student, UK

David and Peter were very helpful. Everything was very efficient and professional. I was delighted to work with the Proof & Edit Company and I hope to work with them in the future. 5+ stars. Thanks a lot!

Assel Undergraduate Student, Germany

David and Katherine have been so amazing and have done wonders for my PhD thesis. Having been let down by a previous proofreader I couldn’t believe what a difference they made to my work and in such a short turn around time. I would definitely recommend!

Libby Doctoral Candidate, UK

Katherine and David are the most devoted, professional and knowledgeable proofreaders/copy-editors I’ve ever come across. I used to send my essays and research papers to agency proofreaders and they never really helped much. I discovered this company by lucky accident and will definitely recommend them to anyone who aims for perfection in their papers.

Ewelina Master's Student, Poland

My time is very limited and David helped me correct all my errors timely. Thank you so much. I will continue to purchase this service.

Gigi Undergraduate Student, China

I am fully satisfied with the quality and speed of work. Fast, reliable and professional service. David helped me to understand my mistakes and improve my writing skills. David is an awesome editor! The price is reasonably cheap if you compare it to the excellent work. I would recommend this company to anyone – 5 stars and more.

Ikram Undergraduate Student, UK/France

Very prompt and professional service. Excellent work, highly recommended to anyone.

Carol Doctoral Candidate, UK

David and Katherine were absolutely excellent – quick, prompt and were able to work to tight deadlines which is often needed in academia. I’d highly recommend to anyone!

Isabelle Doctoral Student, UK

Very personal and professional service, would definitely work with you again!

Anke Academic Faculty, UK

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Frequently asked questions

Can I contact my proofreader or editor directly?

Yes. We provide a personal service and you can contact at any time the member of our team who is working on your document. 

Which subjects do you work on?

We work with any subject, as it is the text we are reviewing not the content. However, we will tell you immediately if we think your work is of such a specialised technical nature that we would not be able to meet your requirements.

English is not my first language - can you still help?

Yes. Our Enhanced Proofreading service is perfect if English is your second language. We aim to ensure the end result attains the same written standard as a native English speaker.

How long will it take to complete my work?

We provide a quick turnaround and will agree a timetable with you at the outset so that you know what to expect. Generally, an experienced proofreader can complete around 12-15,000 words a day.

Will using your services conflict with university rules?

Most universities permit proofreading. However, rules do vary, and we strongly recommend you check with your university to be sure that what you are asking us to do complies with the rules. 

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