We are expert in editing and proofreading techniques for business communications, ensuring that business writing has the tone, style and impact needed for its audience. We support businesses at any point in a document’s lifecycle, writing or editing content, or proofreading a final version that is ready for publication.

We know business writing in its many forms. ​We became professional editors and proofreaders after working for many years in corporations and the public sector, completing writing, proofreading and editing assignments.

Our focus is on making sure that your writing achieves its objectives. We can edit a document at any point in its production cycle and we often work in collaboration with in-house teams.


We help you meet your deadlines with a fast turnaround at no extra charge.


Every business is different and we adjust our approach so you get exactly the service you need.


We are expert in written English, so you can be confident your writing is correct.

Select the service for you

We offer specialist bid writing services for businesses in addition to editing and proofreading. Proofreading is best if your work is ready for submission and you need a final check to be confident it is free of spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. Editing is best if you want an expert to polish your document and suggest improvements in structure, wording, style and tone so that your writing is correct, fluent and clear.

Bid writing

Expert bid writing to shape and write bids that win.

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Business editing

Editing for business to maximise the impact of all written material.

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Business proofreading

Eliminate writing errors so you can publish your document with confidence.

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