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You need your business communications to hit the spot, first time, every time. That is where we come in, with business proofreading and editing for all written material.

Business communications that stand out

Our focus is on making sure that your writing achieves your objectives. We support businesses at any point in a document’s lifecycle, editing content or proofreading a final version ready for publication.

We are expert in editing and proofreading techniques for business communications, ensuring that business writing has the impact needed for its audience. We often work with in-house teams.

We are familiar with business writing in all its forms. ​We became professional editors and proofreaders after working for many years in corporations and the public sector, completing writing, editing and proofreading assignments.

The Proof & Edit Company – professionals with a passion for written English

Thorough, flexible and secure

  • Detailed review – your proofreader or editor will review your writing, make corrections and suggest improvements
  • All types of work – our services are ideal for all material – sales and marketing, advertising, website, training, policy or report
  • Formatting – we make sure your document is set up correctly in Word, PowerPoint or Google Docs and formatted professionally
  • Unlimited revisions – our process is not just a single pass – we work with you until your document is exactly how you want it to be
  • Secure and confidential – we take the security and confidentiality of your work very seriously and will never pass your material to another party
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee – we will refund you if you are not completely satisfied with our work

Select your service

We offer specialist bid writing and business plan editing services for business in addition to proofreading and editing. Proofreading is best if your material needs a final check so you can be confident there are no spelling, grammar or punctuation errors. Editing is best if you want an expert to polish your document and suggest improvements in structure, wording and tone.

Business plan editing

Expert editing and advice to create a professional business plan.

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Bid writing

Expert bid writing to shape and write compelling bids.

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Business proofreading

Eliminate writing errors to publish your document with confidence.

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Business editing

Editing for business to maximise the impact of all written material.

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