Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Why should I use your services?

You have invested a lot of time and effort in your work. We help you make the most of this, by removing errors that undermine your writing or by improving the wording so that your ideas and arguments are clear.

Is my information secure?

Yes. We do not pass information about your work to any other party. Your document will be held in a folder in Microsoft OneDrive for Business, which includes a cloud backup. 

If I make revisions, will you check them?

We will review changes as you make your final adjustments, up to the time you submit or publish your document. If your document requires re-work after it has been submitted, we will be very happy to review it again at a 50% discount.

Is your work guaranteed?

Yes. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee and will refund you if you are not completely satisfied.

Academic FAQs

Can I contact my proofreader or editor directly?

Yes. We provide a personal service and you can contact at any time the member of our team who is working on your document. 

Which subjects do you work on?

We work with any subject, as it is the text we are reviewing not the content. However, we will tell you immediately if we think your work is of such a specialised technical nature that we would not be able to meet your requirements.

English is not my first language - can you still help?

Yes. Our Enhanced Proofreading service is perfect if English is your second language. We aim to ensure the end result attains the same written standard as a native English speaker.

How long will it take to complete my work?

We provide a quick turnaround and will agree a timetable with you at the outset so that you know what to expect. Generally, an experienced proofreader can complete around 12-15,000 words a day.

Will using your services conflict with university rules?

Most universities permit proofreading. However, rules do vary, and we strongly recommend you check with your university to be sure that what you are asking us to do complies with the rules. 

Author FAQs

Will you keep my writing confidential?

Yes. We frequently work with sensitive material. We are happy to sign non-disclosure agreements and we keep all material secure and confidential as a matter of course.

How can I be sure my writing will retain the style I want?

We understand how important it is to keep your voice as you intend. We will edit a sample so you can be completely confident that the changes we make are what you need.

What is the difference between Proofreading and Editing?

Proofreading Plus and Manuscript Editing are carried out to prepare your manuscript for submission to a publisher. Basic Proofreading is carried out on the proof pages as the last step before publication. 

How do I know if I need Enhanced Proofreading or Manuscript Editing?

Manuscript Editing transforms your raw material with extensive re-work, whereas Proofreading Plus involves improvements mainly at the sentence level. If you are not sure, please contact us so we can arrange to work on a sample for you. 

Do I need proofreading if my manuscript was thoroughly edited?

Yes. It is very common for small errors to be made in the final editing. Proofreading is the last check to be sure these errors are corrected. 

Business FAQs

Will you sign a non-disclosure agreement?

Yes. We frequently work with sensitive material for public and private sector organisations. We are happy to sign non-disclosure agreements and to comply with specific security or confidentiality requirements.

Will you work at our site?

Yes. With large projects such as bid writing, we can work on-site in order to collaborate closely with your team depending on your location.

Can you write documents from scratch?

Yes. We write documents from scratch using raw material provided by our clients.

Which specialist areas do you cover?

We are experienced in a very wide range of business documents including reports, bids and tenders, sales and marketing material, strategies, and policies and procedures. We have specific expertise in technology-related topics. We do not edit contractual documents.ts.