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Our proofreaders and editors are in high demand at present. We are not able to start new work in the next five daysIf you would like to reserve time for work starting five days or more from today, please complete the instant quote form.

Choose Standard Proofreading when you are happy with your writing but want a final check to be confident that your work is free of spelling, punctuation and grammar errors.

Choose Enhanced Proofreading when you need an expert to eliminate language errors and also help you polish your writing so it is fluent and clear and maximises the impact of your work.

This option is perfect if English is not your first language.

Choose Editing if you want us to transform your draft. We re-work your raw material so your writing is accurate, easy to follow, fit for purpose and free of errors. This option is not suitable for student essays and dissertations.

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Using our services is straightforward. Our price is based on the length of your document and the service you require. Once you submit your details, we will explain how to upload your work. We send payment information based on the actual word count once we receive your document.