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Company overview

We became professional proofreaders and editors after working for many years in corporations, education and the public sector, completing writing, proofreading and editing assignments. We provide services that make the difference in how written work is received, with proofreading to eliminate errors that undermine credibility and editing to ensure that wording, tone and style are exactly right for the intended audience.

Some proofreading and editing companies pass work to a pool of freelancers. Our difference is that our proven team carries out all our assignments. We are professional editors, expert in the technicalities of written English. We are based in Bedford in the UK and work for academics, businesses and authors worldwide.

The Proof & Edit Company – professionals with a passion for written English

Areas of expertise

We work on all types of document for academics, businesses and authors, including manuscripts, dissertations, journal articles, websites, sales proposals, training documents, mailshots, papers and reports. We proofread and edit a wide range of subjects such as technology, social sciences, engineering, medicine, sales and marketing, strategy and finance. For life sciences, we partner with Althexis Global which provides marketing, technical communication and editing services to academic and business organisations within the sector.

Our team

The Proof & Edit Company is a trading name of Wordsmith Services UK Ltd. Registered in the UK, company number 09158706.

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