Unique approach to editing and proofreading

Editing and proofreading services require great attention to detail and an extensive knowledge of the English language. We have these skills and use modern technology to facilitate our process and give you a sophisticated result.

  • A.


    We review a sample of your material to make sure we are providing exactly the changes you need.

  • B.

    Proofread or edit

    Once you are happy with our approach we will proofread or edit your document. We use reference material including the Oxford Style Guide (New Hart's Rules) to ensure we follow best practice. We work with track changes in Microsoft Word or Google Docs and use comments for suggested improvements. We also mark-up hard copy proofs or PDF copies, and edit PowerPoint.

  • C.

    Quality check

    We check every document twice. For the second check, we use the text-to-speech capability built into Microsoft Office to read back the document while the editor follows line by line. This provides the best idea of how the finished document will present to its audience.

  • D.


    We return your document to you for review, either by email or by using a secure cloud service (Microsoft OneDrive). If you make further changes we will proofread the document again. Otherwise, we will proceed to the final step.

  • E.


    The final step is to send you a version of your document with the changes visible as tracked changes plus a version with the changes incorporated. We will delete all files containing your material from our systems after 30 days.

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