Except where shown, our prices are based on document length and are charged at a rate per 1,000 words. We do not charge extra for proofreading or editing English as a Second Language and our prices include a fast turnaround. All our work is carried out by our in-house team and we do not employ freelancers.

We may vary our prices, but they will not exceed the prices given here. As we regularly offer discounts on our published prices, always ask for a quote.

A thorough review to ensure your article, paper or other academic document is free of language errors.

Your dissertation is ready for submission and you need to be confident it is free of writing errors.

A final check to ensure your thesis is free of errors in punctuation, grammar and spelling.

Editing for your paper, article or other academic document to maximise impact.

Expert polish to ensure your dissertation is fluent and clear and makes the best impression.


Eliminating writing errors and editing your thesis so it is fluent, accurate and clear.

Free job application review for our existing customers.

Eliminate writing errors to submit your manuscript with confidence.

Maximise the impact of your writing while retaining your character and tone.

Expert editing and advice to create a professional business plan.

Expert bid writing to shape and write compelling bids.

Eliminate writing errors to publish your document with confidence.

Editing for business to maximise the impact of all written material.

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