Business editing

Affordable, tailored, fast

Working with you to write fluent and clear business documents that make the right impression on your customers and colleagues.

Meeting your deadlines

We understand your time pressures and will help you meet your deadlines with a fast turnaround at no extra cost.

Expressing your ideas

We have years of editing experience and will ensure your ideas and arguments are expressed in fluent and error-free English.

Working your way

We are completely flexible and can edit your whole document or sections as you finish them.

Tailored approach

With business editing, we work with you to understand the purpose of your document and ensure the style and tone are right for its audience. We start with your draft and create writing that is fluent and accurate. We suggest where content could be improved or arguments strengthened to help meet your business objectives. We will ensure the document complies with your company’s style guide.

Our process is not just a single pass. We work with you until your document is exactly how you want it to be. You will receive a copy of your work edited by an expert in written English. We use track changes to correct errors and comments to recommend improvements. This approach allows you to keep full control of your document. Our service is confidential and secure.

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What's included

Business editing includes:

  • Overall check of consistency and completeness
  • Correction of overly-long sentences and over-use of bold, italics and exclamation marks
  • Identification of missing or redundant text
  • Recommendations for improvements in logical order and structure
  • Appropriateness of wording, tone and use of language
  • Consistency of spellings, hyphenation, units of measurement, quotations
  • Accuracy and anomalies including misquotations, errors of fact or misused words
  • Suggestions for improving clarity, fluency and impact

Business editing also includes proofreading of the final version once you have completed all your changes.

Documents we edit

We edit all kinds of business documents, including:

  • Annual report
  • Bid submission
  • Marketing content
  • Training material
  • Instruction manual
  • Policy document
  • Business strategy
  • Website content
  • Advertisement
  • Job specification

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