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Most universities assess the quality of the written English when they grade a dissertation. Our dissertation proofreading service eliminates writing errors that can lose you valuable marks. As an option, we can also edit your dissertation and recommend changes in language so you achieve an excellent standard of academic English.

We are a team of professional proofreaders and editors who understand what it takes to write and present a dissertation successfully and on time. You can see from our reviews that people love our services. We do all we can to help you complete your dissertation with writing that is clear, fluent and compelling.

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Options for different needs

Choose between dissertation Proofreading or Proofreading + Editing, whichever best suits your needs. We can apply standards including AMA, APA, Chicago, IEEE, MHRA, Harvard and Vancouver.


Correction of spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes for error-free writing.

Best for a dissertation that has been edited and is almost ready for submission.

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Proofreading + Editing

Error correction plus expert editing for fluent, clear and concise English.

Best for a dissertation that needs improvement in the overall quality of the writing.

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Professional formatting and compliance with an applicable style guide.

Free with Proofreading and Proofreading + Editing. Contact us to ask about formatting on its own.

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Thorough process

We follow a three-step process to give you the best results. You can repeat any of the steps if you need to make revisions. We work with you to refine the wording until your dissertation is ready for submission.

1. First check

We check your dissertation using track changes for corrections and the comments feature for recommended improvements.

2. Review

We return your dissertation to you so that you can review our changes and suggestions.

3. Second check

After you make further changes, we proofread the final version of your dissertation.

Instant quote

Using our dissertation proofreading and editing service is very straightforward. Start by generating your quote. Our price is based on the length of your document.

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