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If you need a professional editor to improve the coherence, clarity and flow of your writing, then manuscript editing is the right service for you. If you need a final check to ensure your book is free of writing mistakes and is ready for publishing, manuscript proofreading is the service to choose. If you are unsure, we can edit a sample to help you decide.

We provide the expertise to maximise the impact of your writing upon its readers while ensuring that the style reflects your voice as the author. We understand your time pressures before submission or publication, and will agree timings at the outset to help you meet your deadlines. We are very flexible and can edit the final text or individual chapters as you finish them. Our service is confidential and secure.

Manuscript editing for well-crafted writing that embodies your style

Objective feedback and advice on structure, tone and impact

Free check of revisions as you refine your manuscript

Full proofread of the final version ready for publishing

Two editor method for the very best results

Thorough process

We follow a three-step process to give you the best results. You can repeat steps if you need to make revisions. We work with you to refine the wording until your manuscript is ready for submission or publication. We edit books in US or British English.

1. First check

We check your manuscript using track changes for corrections and the comments feature for recommended improvements.

2. Review

We return your manuscript to you so that you can review our changes and suggestions.

3. Second check

After you make further changes, a different member of our team will proofread the final version of your manuscript.

What is included

We use track changes for error correction and the comments feature to suggest improvements. This approach allows you to see our suggestions and enables you to keep full control of your manuscript.

We include free revisions and work with you to refine the wording and make final adjustments until your manuscript is ready for submission or publication. Editing includes:

Improved word choice and sentence structure for fluency and clarity

Recommendations for better readability, appropriate tone and stronger impact

Suggested improvements in flow and organisation

Feedback on the strength of arguments (non-fiction) or consistency of the plot structure (fiction)

Confirmation of compliance with an applicable author guide

Professional formatting, if required

Proofreading to correct all spelling, grammar, punctuation and typographical errors

Editing quote

Using our services is very straightforward. Complete the form and tell us if there is anything we need to know about your work, including any deadlines. We will provide a quote and let you know the next steps.

We use your information only to provide services to you, as explained in our privacy policy.

How can we help you?

Contact us at The Proof & Edit Company to find out more.

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