English proofreading and editing

A personal service to help you achieve your goals with accurate, fluent and error-free writing

English proofreading and editing

A personal service to help you achieve your goals with accurate, fluent and error-free writing

Why choose us?

Experienced and trusted

We are native English speakers with years of experience in roles where writing excellence is critical. We carry out all proofreading and editing within our team and you will be supported by the same person throughout.

Support when you need it - 24/7

You can see from our reviews that people love our services. We work around the clock to get you over the finish line with writing that you can submit or publish with confidence.

Fast and flexible

Whether you need a document proofread within hours or want us to edit a manuscript, report or dissertation in stages, we work to your timings. We do not charge extra for fast turnaround.

Free revisions

Our process is not just a one-time review. We check any changes you make as you finalise your work until your writing is the way you want it to be.

Superb reviews

Average rating: 5 stars (based on 77 reviews)

Straightforward services

We provide three core services that we tailor to meet different needs.


What is it? Correction of grammar, spelling, punctuation and typographical errors.

When is it best? Proofreading is best where you are happy with the wording and clarity of your writing but want to be confident it is free of the errors that can undermine its credibility.


What is it? Correction of errors PLUS polishing of your writing to improve fluency and clarity.

When is it best? Editing is best where you want an expert editor to help you achieve the highest standard of English to maximise the impact of your writing and make the most of your work.


What is it? Formatting to a professional standard of a document in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.

When is it best? Formatting is suitable for any document that you need to make an excellent impression. Formatting can be used on its own or with Proofreading or Editing.

Tailored for you

To find out more, select the service you require.

Journal article · paper · dissertation · thesis · application

Academic proofreading

Correct spelling, grammar and punctuation errors.

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Academic editing

Editing to achieve the highest standard of English.

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Academic formatting

Professional formatting to make the best impression.

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Report · bid · proposal · business case · marketing material

Business proofreading

Correction of writing and typographical errors.

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